IMG_3227 (2) (2)“I love working with people and organisations that are creating sustainable, positive change in the world and are totally unapologetic about it….


I support changemakers and dreamers in being more effective and productive in the commercial world while staying rooted in their heart and core values, amidst these increasingly challenging and complex times.”

Since 2006, I have been directing transformational development programmes across the private, public and NGO sectors and have worked with over 3000 emerging and established leaders, guiding their personal and professional transformation from the inside out. I founded my ‘Conscious Consulting’ practice in 2011 in response to the cries for support I was hearing from strong, compassionate changemakers, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

As a qualified course director, coach, facilitator, trainer, mediator and healer I’ve been honoured to have been invited to work all around the world. My work has brought me across Africa, India and Europe and client programmes have included one-on-one coaching with entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, community development with cross border leaders in Northern Ireland, conflict resolution with Albanians and Macedonians in the Balkans, directing a private enterprise in my family’s property business and corporate wellbeing training for financial institutions in Dublin. More recently, I helped design and lead three annual conferences on mindfulness and culture change in education in Ireland.

The material, style and resources I draw on span modern research and traditional wisdom with methodologies including…
experiential learning
self inquiry
healing techniques

I collaborate with a collective of fascinating and skilled coaches and facilitators and together we support people in shifting from the great human beings they already are into the great changemakers they are looking to become. Our clients are those who are looking to create positive change in the world… to clarify their purpose, manifest their vision and develop skills for bringing out the best in themselves and those around them.


  • We are one universal family

  • Leadership is service and love

  • I include myself in the work that I do

  • The ends and the means are the same – we must be the change we wish to see in the world.

  • All causes are internal

  • At their essence, everyone is brilliant, wise and whole

  • Business is a positive intervention for the elevation and healing of ALL


I grew up in an entrepreneurial family in Dublin, we were part of a spiritual community which has given me a holistic perspective on everyday life. My friends would say I have a compassionate and unapologetic streak. I studied law, human development and the healing arts and it is these three disciplines that merge together into my work.

I have a toddler son and of all the teachers that I’ve had he is, by far, the greatest learning experience of them all.

 Lydia’s Bio

Lydia is a qualified Coach, Facilitator and Course Director with The Foundation forTransformational Leadership, a Mediator and a Trainer. She holds diplomas in Humanities and in Legal Studies.  She studied mindfulness with the University of Massachusetts Medical School Centre for Mindfulness, the Centre for Mindfulness Ireland and trained as a mindfulness teacher with Mindful Schools. She studied energy medicine with the National Federation for Spiritual Healers. She is a committed meditator.

She is current Chairperson of The Change Leadership Foundation, an international leadership charity with associated organisations across 5 countries and over 10,000 programme alumni. She has previously sat on the boards of The Sarah Bird Foundation, Open FM and Lucca Leadership Ireland.

In 2013 she founded National Grieving Day, an annual series of events honouring grief, loss and the sacredness of transitions in life. In 2015, she co-founded Mindfulness Practice in Schools which ran three sold-out conferences for pioneering teachers and culture shifters in Irish education.

For more on Lydia’s recent consulting and collaborations, check out her Portfolio.